Charity Baptist Mission

Charity Baptist Church
350 Austin St
Buffalo (West Side), NY 14207

Their website is:

To hear Pastor Pete Wigdor interviewed live on the radio program “What is Truth?”, click the following link: “The city of Buffalo (w/Pete Wigdor) – (11/16/2014)

Recent Revival: Charity Baptist Revival 2014

The services are a great blessing and you are always welcome to attend. First they have singing, then the ministry of the word of God, and then they provide a meal and clothing for those who are in need. This is a great work. Brother Pete has multiple local churches that help support this work and what he does is allow each of his local supporting churches an opportunity a few times per year to come and be a part of the ministry of both the spiritual and physical food.

We (at Grace and Truth Church) have 6 different dates for 2015 during which we are scheduled to bring forth the word of God at the Charity Baptist Mission. Either Dr. Cesar or his son Adam will be there to play the piano for the singing, and then one of our men will preach/teach the word of God on the following dates:
1.  February 3rd – Michael Cesar
2.  April 7th – Bill Andrew
3.  May 26th – Adam Cesar
4.  August 11th -
5.  October 20th -
6. December 15th -

Remember, all of these dates are Tuesday nights and the services begin at 7:00 pm. I greatly encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in seeing firsthand in our own city one of the great ministries that we support to at least come for those 5 dates. It is always a blessing to the people in need at the mission when many of us come to sing boldly songs to our God and to encourage and edify those brethren who are struggling. And ladies, if you’d like, you could be a great blessing to the ladies who work week after week providing food for the folks by helping out in some way.

Also, Pastor Pete is working fervently on Saturday’s to fix up the mission. So if there are any men who are able bodied and decently skilled who would like to help out in any way, the help would sure be appreciated.

If anyone has any questions regarding the Mission or anything, the number is:
(716) 881-3403